Marino Fonovic (Fonovich)


(Rijeka, 1964. - )

Croatian astronomer – world known observer of variable stars, astrophotographer,  science publicist and journalist

(from wikipedia)

As part of an The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) observing program, since 1990 from owen astronomical observation in Plominsko Zagorje (Istria-Croatia) he performed 30.000 visual and CCD photometric obervations of variable stars.


Through the telescopes of  20, 25 and 35 cm from night to night, visually and with CCD he observes around 800 variable stars, compare their brightness with nearby comparison stars. There are remarkable observations of the novae and dwarf novae type U Geminorum (1800 observations of star SS Cygni ), lacertide, variable star type R CrB and supernovae in other galaxies. All observations are included in the AAVSO International Database.


Besides  photometric observations of variable stars he involves between 1990 – 2000 intensively in astrophotography especially shooting of deep sky objects. He presented his photos of distant nebulas and galaxies to croatian and international public thru the many magazines (among others, in Astronomy and Sky and Telescope). Unfortunately, the light pollution on the Istria area disable astrophotography with long expositions.



He engaged  in popularization of astronomy, he published more then 100 works and scientific and popular articles. His thematic articles are being published in Croatian magazine Nature, Polaris, Urania etc. Abroad he publishes in Slovenian astronomy magazine Spika (Ljubljana), Astronomia UAI (University in Padova, Italy), Vasiona and Astronomy (Astronomical observatory Belgrade, Novi Sad).


For his work and achievements he has been awarded in Croatia and abroad: Croatian Society for Natural Sciences, AAVSO for his observation etc.



Since 1988 he has been involved in professional journalism. Between 1988 – 2000 he was a main editor of the mining magazine The Miner (ISSN 1334-1731) in Labin. He is in associate with many daily news and week news. He is the author of monography of Istrian mines (ISBN 953-98100-1-9).


He translated into croatian a Herman Potocnik Noordung's  book of astronautics: Das Problem der Befarhung des Weltraums from the year 1929.

His new comprehensive book of astronomy: To the Stars and Beyond will be published in 2007.